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May 25, 2013
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MMD Reshiram DL (Rigged) by xxSoulsealerxx MMD Reshiram DL (Rigged) by xxSoulsealerxx
A gift to a friend. :b

[~Model Info~]

Reshiram Ripped from Poke Park


Version 1.0

- Need to move slider to open eyes.
- Wing are a bit glitchy and hard to adjust.
- No physics on the model.
- Seems a little too bright in MMD. (Don't know how to make it darker)

Model base taken from ~peppe321 on DA
Ripped from Poke Park 2 by ???
Rigged by xxSoulsealerxx on DA

Notes/Tips : The model's eyes are closed on defult, use the slider to open the eyes.

Have Fun. :b

If you see any glitch or problems about the model you can find me. I will try to fix it if I can. :3

===========>>>> <<<<<===========

[~Picture Credit~]


White Pillar Stage made by russia_175
DL from bowlroll by russia_175
Thanks to =chocosunday on DA for the link


Picture from skydrome made by Ussy-P
Thanks to ~kaahgome on DA for the link


Selfdiffusion X2, PostPointLight.




Notes : :iconcapricova: just finish upgrading and rerigging her. She now have better expression and physics.

Also she got colour sliders, that I tried to replicate the effect when reshiram used "blue flare".

Go to the link for the newest version. :3…
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I love what one of my favorite pokemon ... Thank you.
No problem, have fun with her. XD

capricova is working on upgrading her so you may want to watch her. :b
capricova Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
hi there ^_^

sorry to bother but i wanted to let you know that in adding expressions and adding different eyes to this reshiram model and wanted to know if its ok to distribute it? or i can give it to you and you can distribute it. i may add some physics to it like its tail and head things.....idk yet but once i get it done i will send it to you if you like.
Cool, that would be great. (^^)

I was working on upgrading her too. I just done adding some bone and sliders to her. I haven't upload it yet but I will note you the files. :b

Ya, you can go work on her. (^^)
For the distribution, I need to see your edit first to decide how we are going to distribute her. :3
capricova Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
k ill note ya what ive done so far and we shall work it out from there
peppe321 Jun 3, 2013
Thank You, Where did you get that model from, who ripped it?
Your welcome. :b

I got the base model from you, dood. >_>
I think I already wrote where I got it in the credits. >_>"


As for who ripped it, I don't know who.

Can you tell me who ripped it?

I already comment twice on the page where I downloaded her but you didn't replay. >_>
peppe321 Jun 7, 2013
Sorry for not replying, as for the ripping it was done by paint brush ( I dont Know who it is,for it was written in credits when i downloaded it in another format)

Can you tell me where do you got the original model's from? :3
peppe321 Jun 7, 2013
Actually as you can see, I got the converted models from Unfortunately it has been down from a couple of days. They were .obj, so i had to undergo them through certain procedures. Thank You For the Rigged Legends.
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